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Cranberryhome interior design


Whether you are looking for a calm elegance, a timeless townhouse or a boutique feel bedroom, we at Cranberryhome are skilled in seeing your way of living in the surroundings that you are in. Ensuring your house has flow and vitality is key to how you feel in your home.

" Cranberryhome has an incredible eye for design and a greatly professional team. Their work is outstanding and they really have a great vision for a room "
Interior Design Client - Croydon


At Cranberryhome we understand that preparing, packaging and presenting a home is crucial to its chances of selling quicker and for the best price making it less stressful in the long run. 

Our home staging or property presentation service is a bespoke service preparing your house for sale so that it can be shown at its best and appeal to the widest market audience. 


Cranberryhome interior design
Cranberryhome interior design


At Cranberryhome we know that you can't always find what you want from the high street, that's where our bespoke options really work. We design furniture and provide sample swatches of colours, materials and finishes so that you can have complete control over the final product.

Using our hand picked specialist joiners, carpenters, upholsters and decorators we are able to provide a unique piece of furniture fitted to an exceptionally high standard.

" Possibly one of the most significant aspects of the project was that Cranberryhome created a living space specifically for us, there were no limits on the ideas as there is no link with or tie to a particular shop or brand so the fabrics, furniture, ornaments etc come for many different sources.


We are so pleased we are getting Cranberryhome to do our kitchen next."


Interior Design Client - Milton Keynes

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