Let's up cycle those drawers!

November 8, 2016

Up cycling is really in at the moment, so we thought we would share our own up cycling with you. Here are some very plain cheap drawers that a client had, so we jazzed them up and added a little sparkle.


Step 1



These are our drawers we feel need some sparkle. So using vinyl with your desired pattern on the reverse (we got ours from the Range) take out the drawers and un screw the handles.





Step 2



Un roll the vinyl as shown here, all the instructions are shown on the reverse. It really is that easy.





Step 3


Peal off the reverse to reveal the sticky back, place on your drawer ensuring the design lines up, then with a sharp craft knife remove the excess like so...



Step 4


Continue to apply all vinyl to your drawers ensuring that the design lines up from one drawer to the next. Discard the waste.





Step 5


We chose rope as our drawer handle, so a new hole was drilled in the centre of each drawer to thread through the rope.














Step 6


Attach your new handle or thread through the hole you just made. Tie a not in one end and thread through. Choose the length of the rope you want and then knot off on the inside.




















Click on our gallery for the finished result!


Some of our other up cycling projects have included:


  • A chic white gloss console table out of Ikea floating shelves

  • Changing lampshades colour by using spray fabric paint

  • Using  4 bathroom cabinets as a wall feature in a kitchen/diner

  • Lighting up a wire fruit bowl with battery powered LED lights to create a central focal point.

  • Adding bright coloured fruit to a flower vase as an ornament in a kitchen.



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