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Why a house without nature is just not a home

We all know the benefits of having a few house plants or cut flowers around the home, not only do they give visual pleasure to us but also benefits with purifying the air, scenting the air and adding that natural ambience to the home. Quite simply a house without nature is just not a home. These homes can be feel cold and un welcoming, lacking life and texture, adding choice houseplants really complete a well styled home.

We know styling a home professionally needs references to nature, we often use fresh fruit for herbs in kitchens and dining areas to dress spaces as well as creating visual accessories using coordinated fruit in a tall vase to add impact. Fresh flowers always bring a smile to visitors and often last longer than you think, alternatively green cut foliage styled well with eucalyptus creates a modern fresh look.

Small spaces benefit from on trend glass terrariums, a little zen garden of paradise that looks cute on the coffee table, use super stylish succulents and small cacti with your chosen terrarium shape teamed with small gravel and a layer of compost, requiring minimal attention.

For a cleaner atmosphere, consider plants that remove toxins from the air in your home, some of the best are peace lilies, Aloe vera, spider plants and dragon plants.

For statement coffee tables go for white orchids, that add a little vertical drama to the space without interfering in the overall look of the space. These act as a central focal point and help to formalise the space, alternatively go for vibrant pink orchids if your room scheme has more muted tones of grey or stark white colour palates.

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, eclectic or industrial, nature creates a calming atmosphere, engages with our sub conscious and gives a room a sense of life.

Boost your sensory experience by enhancing your home with really good quality natural room scents such as our Lime Basil and Bay candle or room diffuser rather than the chemical plug ins that just overpower the space.

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