• Hugo Fleming

So what is home staging and is it as expensive as interior design?

A home staging consultant will work with a budget that is appropriate for the value of the house, taking into consideration the local market conditions. Home staging is designed to be low cost to obtain the best price for the property using clever techniques that communicate with the buyer's subconscious. The home stager will employ subliminal sensory stimuli to send messages to the viewers. The buyer needs to feel relaxed in your property and be able to see themselves 'at home' in your property. Buyers are paying a lot and expect a lot for their money. So home staging is a low cost investment on a temporary basis.

Interior design is quite different in contrast, it is usually a longer process focussed on the client's wishes not the buyers. Interior design is an additive process rather than an editing process. Usually a much larger budget and time frame rather than the temporary time frame if you were selling. Interior design is naturally a reflection of the client's taste and style and will not always appeal to a wide audience.

Professional presentation of your home is all about kerb appeal and first impressions. A properly presented house will achieve a quick sale and at best market value. Often houses that have been staged proffesionally go on to make a 10 - 15% improvement in house price.

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