• By Natasha Hussey

Space Planning

Space planning is an excellent way of developing a new or existing room layout, it’s a handy process that allows you to accurately design a room and to make the most out of the space. The method in which rooms are planned will greatly enhance the functionality, the flow and other aspects such as light and acoustics and if completed correctly will create a well-balanced and enjoyable room.

This process helps us to understand the space in a more detailed way allowing for us to scale the furniture according to the function and style of the room.

“Decoration puts a smart new face on things, good organisation brings order and efficiency to your everyday routine, but spatial changes get to the heart of the matter”

Sir Terence Conran

For the smaller rooms, it’s a way of maximising space without effecting the purpose of the room and for the larger rooms it’s to create a scaled scheme that still creates a cosy space. The easiest way to break up a larger room is to create distinct areas. So with an open plan lounge diner a rug could be placed in the centre of the seating area and the furniture can be positioned around to create 1 zone. The other way is to use room dividers, now this could be in the form of a wall or a freestanding item like shelving, cabinets and screens to create a bit more privacy. Furniture, positioned correctly can guide you around the room creating flow, if done wrong can make you feel blocked off to certain areas - it’s important to allow for movement around the space.

Spatial planning is also extremely important in architecture as well as interior design, you should also consider the overall space, not only do you need movement in a single room we need there to be consistency throughout the house or building and how one room can link with another.

It is always a good idea to measure up to make sure the furniture you are wanting to purchase or move fits in the space. This can easily be created on paper and I have always found that the best way is to draw the furniture up on a separate bit of paper and cut those sections out – that way you can play around with the layout and work out where each piece works best.

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