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Lighting your home

Light and how to use light is a key area of Interior design and what affects us and our mood on a daily basis. Get it right and we can see clearly, feel better and absorb the atmosphere that it creates.

There are three key areas that we need to consider when planning lighting: 1) Ambient or general lighting which can be used to add both depth and interest into a scheme. 2) Task lighting such a desk lamp and reading areas are used in specific areas. 3) Accent lighting as the name suggests is used to highlight a certain area. But perhaps the most important lighting source of course is natural light. This is a precious resource and needs to be captured effectively so that the room breathes. There is simply nothing more pleasant that sping sunshine streaming through a bedroom window.

Spotlights, pendants, lamps, uplighting, downlighting, recessed lighting, LED lighting and the array of different types of light available from the more yellow of traditional bulbs to the more white lights of halogen and LED.

The seasons hugely affect our tolerance to indoor lighting and their brightness. In winter when natural light is lower there is more of a preference for intimate and more subtle lighting giving a feeling of warmth. Try building up the feel by introducing a combination of lamps and candles to create a soft glow.

LED lights are becoming increasingly more popular due to their versitility and affordability and can ve used to create unique effects in installations.

Finally mirrors, although not a light source in themselves, can very effectively distribute light around a room and provide additional lines of sight for the home owner, often teasing us about the size of the room.



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