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Top 10 tips for selling your house

Hugo shares with us his home staging tips so that you can make your property more appealable to prospective buyers.

Top 10 tips for presenting your property for sale

1. Kerb Appeal.

One of the first things buyers look at is the exterior photo on a property website. This is your first opportunity to catch their attention, so good landscaping, lighting and ensure the house number or name is visible from the pavement. If it looks like you have made an effort, potential viewers will want to see more, not be put off. Update the paintwork on your front door with an appealing colour and put some plants in pots either side of the door.

2. First Impressions.

You have 30 seconds to impress your buyer starting in the entrance hall. Buyers will subconsciously notice smells, clutter, pets, unfinished DIY work and will start making excuses in their head before even moving to the first room. A house should smell fresh, be a comfortable temperature, have focal points in each room and a neutral colour scheme throughout not necessarily magnolia! Have a focal point in the hallway and stash away all those shoes!

3. Clutter.

A big NO! You are moving anyway so start de cluttering now. You can give unwanted items away, sell them on Ebay, put into storage or beg friends and family to store unnecessary items temporarily. Buyers will not be able to see the space that you have and therefore will come to the conclusion that the house is short on storage space.

4. Lifestyle.

When looking for a new home, buyers are usually be looking to improve their lifestyle and have high aspirations to the way they would like to live. It is important to set the tone of your home appropriately to the type of property that you have. Your sitting room is perhaps one of the most important rooms to get right in this respect. Scale the furniture to the size of the room and arrange away from the walls to allow some breathing space. Personal photos, awards and certificates should all be hidden away when viewings take place, you need to de personalise the space so that your buyer can imagine themselves in the property.

5. Define each room.

This sounds obvious but so many sellers overlook this and use the unwanted bedroom as a junk room. One seller I came across had 2 bedrooms as study space and a third bedroom empty. Ensure each room is presented as it should be intended and if possible arrange an eating area in the kitchen either with a small fold out table or use bar stools under a counter space.

6. Pets.

Buyers will remember your house more so because of your pets and not the property. Some buyers are allergic to animals, so clear away any litter trays, food bowls. You don't want to make buyers feel uncomfortable, instead you want buyers to stay in each room for the maximum amount of time not just whizz through in 5 minutes.

7. Clean.

Prospective buyers expect an immaculate home with no signs of dirt. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms to impress your buyers. Remove last nights takeaway, tidy up underwear from the bedroom floor and personal items from the bathroom or ensuite.

8. Lighting.

Use of natural light is really important so embrace it and use it effectively, additionally use modern lighting to create a sunny, cheerful ambience in each room. Buyers will be put off by a dark and drab appearance. Use of strategically placed mirrors in a room can enhance both natural light and artificial light and add focal points.

9. Garden and parking.

Think of your back garden as an additional room and present it in such a way so that buyers can see the entertaining space available. Unkempt lawns, broken slabs, cracked plant pots and lots of weeds, suggest that you don't really care and that there might be more areas of the property that might need attention. If need be buy or borrow some inexpensive patio furniture to demonstrate the lifestyle. Remove cars off the driveway and any visitor parking so that buyers can see the space not your Ferrari!

10 Subliminal Sensory Stimulators.

Huh whats this? Well, buyers buy with their emotions, not their heads, so your home needs to subconsciously connect with your buyer so that they feel welcome and comfortable in the surroundings. Professional home stagers are trained to use hidden persuaders that stimulate the interest of buyers. These stimulators operate on a sub conscious level and form a positive bond with the property and get the buyer to imagine themselves living there. Remember that a professionally staged property will usually sell quicker and for the best market price meaning that your investment is given the best chance and you can move on with your life much quicker.

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