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How did Cranberryhome get its name?

Owner and senior designer tells all about naming Cranberryhome..

Most interior designers and design companies use individuals names as their company name such as Kelly Hoppen and Jasper Conran, the idea being that people buy from people and such affinities help build relationships. When thinking of a name for our business, I wanted it to be different and memorable. With this in mind I looked at the bigger picture and took inspiration from global companies like Apple, Orange and Blackberry. Now, can you see the link? Neither of these great companies have much to do with their namesake, but using iconic names such as fruits, appears to be both catchy, memorable and easy to remember.

Researching company names back in 2012 when the business started evolving, led me to Cranberry which had not received any bad press or negative conotations. So Cranberry was born. Alas and was not available as you would expect, so searching online for domain names back then I came upon cranberryhome both as a .com and My credit card was out within seconds and Cranberryhome was born!

Even now, clients ask me why cranberryhome? It's a great talking point and it reminds me what a great decision it was to go down this route. It's memorable, a little bit funky and stands out from the crowd. You can tell we have something to do with "home" but left wondering what we do.

Cranberryhome goes from strength to strength offering customer focussed intuitive design and home staging, building relationships in the South East of England and providing clients with cost effective interior design projects that they really love to show off.



 Cranberryhome Ltd offer a personalised bespoke service to property owners in the

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