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How house smells impact our life

There is nothing like the smell of your own home after returning from being on holiday or at the end of your day at work, however, not everyone else views your home smell quite the same as you do.

Pet smells, tobacco smells, laundry smells, kitchen smells all linger long after you initially believe they are gone. To combat this there is an ever growing industry of manufacturers willing to sell you their magic potions for eliminating odours or pefuming your house.

Many supermarkets for years now have been selling cheap plugs ins that eliminate odours and then subsequently overpower you with artificial scents. So artificial to me that I cannot identify what elements might be in them. Some are chemical based which begs the questions "do I want to be breathing in chemicals in my house" or "are these things bad for my health?"

I prefer to use more natural fragrances that at least have some organic elements in them. NEOM sell perhaps the most organic on the market. These natural room fragrances come in many different types such as, candles, reed difusers and room sprays.

Fragrances are really quite personal, so if you are chosing for someone else, it may depend on if they are male or female, young or old and to a large extent which room it goes in. ELLA at JOHN LEWIS Milton Keynes explained to me that men often ask her what room fragrance their wives might like. She went on to explain to me that TRUE GRACE MOROCAN ROSE (pictured here) is a popular choice for women whilst fresh citrus overtones were more popular with men. I have just bought the NEW YORK room difuser from NEXT for a client which has a huge bottle with black reeds and is a real statement piece.

Popular modern choices for living rooms might be JO MALONE Lime Basil & Mandarin which gives those citrus overtones I was talking about, NEOM make a wide range of organic varieties and BAHOMA have a more quirky slant with fragrances like SEDUCTION which includes orange, peach, lily, rose, ylang, amber, musk and patchouli.

Dining rooms need careful thought as fragrances in this room can detract from the purpose of the room ie eating! avoid more heady scents like roses and flowers and opt for more citrus or herb based fragrances.

Bedrooms need gentle fragrances that appeal to both men and women and you need to think carefully about the size of your room too as anything too overpowering here will impact on your sleep pattern.

Bathrooms are excellent places for room fragrances, try seashore based varieties and have a room spray on hand for any unwanted smells so your guests wont feel embarrassed!

Expect to pay around £6 for small reed difussers in places like TKMaxx upto £50+ for more designer varieties. Either way they will fragrance your home beautifully for a season and look elegant too!



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