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Your bedroom is your sanctuary

You spend a large proportion of your time in bed, so it's important to consider making your bedroom one of the finest rooms in your house. It's a private space where you relocate at the end of the day, relax and unwind away from others that share your house. Close the door and you are at peace with the day. Not everyone is allowed in your bedroom, its not a public space, even when selling your house people feel uncomfortable about entering the master suite.

A comfortable bed is your first priority, accessorise with plush linens and plenty of scatter cushions. A headboard makes a focal point as well as added comfort. Mattresses usually last around 10 years so to prolong it, turn regularly and vacumn the mattress to keep down the dust mites and help a good night's sleep.

Storage is a must! You can never have enough storage! Developers hardly ever install enough storage so plan out how much you need. Use space wisely by having underbed storage (Kaydian beds for example) use clever storage solutions for draws and wardrobes (Ikea). De clutter regularly and if space is at a premium consider putting away your Autumn/winter clothes until September.

Use of light is vital in a bedroom, natural light is beautiful and needs to be captured effectively, if it's a dark room, consider using mirrors strategically placed to reflect light. Avoid mirrors opposite your bed! Task lighting for reading can be achieved in many ways with bed side lamps. Lighting can really make a room feel welcoming so try to have different types.

My best tip is to try and include a cosy chair in your bedroom, this will give your room an added dimension by making it more than just a sleeping arrangement. Personalise by putting your family photographs around and some artwork that makes you smile.

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