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Spring De Cluttering is addictive!

It's one of those things that we always put off, but the clutter mounts up and starts to affect us in many ways both mentally and physically. Where to start...well get yourself a friend who can help you, set yourself a target that you know that you can achieve like a cupboard or area of a room. Remove everything from your cupboard then decide which items you really need. Clean as you go then ask yourself: is it useful? Do I love it? Have I worn it this year? Sometimes it's too easy to put it back, so be ruthless and let someone else have the benefit of your items that you no longer want or use. Some items can be sold on eBay, some given away, many can be recycled and clothes can fetch upto 50p per kilo at clothing banks. For some fun try a car boot sale and price your items to sell so you don't have to bring them home again, remember to haggle a bit as most punters expect this at car boot sales! De Cluttering is a rewarding and uplifting experience, once you start usually you find that you get into the swing of it, however, if you still feel that it is too daunting ask Cranberryhome about their de cluttering days, you won't be disappointed.


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